TP Network



  • 250+ active members from more than 40 countries around the world
  • both young and established researchers from various backgrounds
  • passionate about time in psychological and social phenomena 
  • very open to dialogue across different disciplines 
  • eager to apply our knowledge about time to solving various real-life puzzles


  • inspire collaborative research and applied projects in the field of our expertise 
  • provide an opportunity for sharing knowledge, information and ideas 
  • promote applications
    of our findings into public life of our various nations

2015 in REVIEW


  • the organization of the two first International Conferences on Time Perspective (ICTP) by Victor Ortuño and his colleagues in Coimbra, Portugal in 2012, and by Maciej Stolarski and Aneta Przepiorka in Warsaw, Poland in 2014, where more than 200 participants from more than 40 countries met each other in person 
  • a collaborative book: a review on TP theory, research and applications edited by Maciej Stolarski, Nicolas Fieulaine and Wessel van Beek and published by Springer 
  • e-book with selection of studies presented in Coimbra, edited by Victor Ortuno and Pedro Cordeiro and published by Coimbra University.


The Network is animated by Anna Sircova and Nicolas Fieulaine, and leaded by an international committee of scientists from almost all continents: 

  • Anna Sircova, Denmark 
  • Nicolas Fieulaine, France 
  • Antanas Kairis, Lithuania 
  • Elena Kazakina, USA 
  • Oksana Senyk, Ukraine 
  • Alejandro Vasquez, Uruguay 
  • Maria Joao Azevedo, Portugal 
  • Mikhail Budnikov, Russia 
  • Leinng Olivera, USA 
  • Evgeny Osin, Russia 
  • Elisabeth Temple, Ausralia 
  • Thelma Udhayakumar, India 

  • The Network is working on a number of future projects (online courses, collaborative studies, summer-schools, etc.) and it is our common hope that the Network will continue growing and find new ways and means to kindle warm relations, strong collaborations and diverse and innovative research on time perspective.



    • Phil Zimbardo visited Moscow and met with the members of the ‘Time Perspective and Well-Being’ seminar ran by Anna Sircova at Moscow State University, Russia


    • the Network grew internationally: rapidly joined by colleagues from all over the world – we were like members of a lost family finally finding each other: Martina Klicperova-Baker (Czech Republic), Juan Francisco Diaz-Morales (Spain), Antanas Kayris (Lithuania), Taciano Lemos Milfont (New Zealand), Victor Ortuno (Portugal), and Altinay Kislali (Turkey) were the pioneers; 
    • our first collaborative publication came around (Phil Zimbardo put Anna and Nicolas Fieulaine (France) in contact and it was the ‘beginning of a beautiful friendship’)


    • our first face-to-face meeting took place in Berlin (the 29th International Congress of Psychology) 
    • first website was launched just after that time by Wessel van Beek (Netherlands)
    • plans were made with Taciano Milfont (New Zealand) to publish an international article about the ZTPI and Anna Sircova (Russia) launched and coordinated the cross-cultural project with Nicolas Fieulaine (France) and Altinay Kislali (Turkey).

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