Day 1
Cinemateket - Carl
City Hall square
Osramhuset - Big Hall
Danish Jewish Museum
Nørrebrohallen - main entrance
Cinemateket - Asta
Osramhuset - Mirror Room
Grand Teatret
Reflections over time

Reflections over time

Mixed Media

The work explores how sense of time can be illustrated thru the
representation and abruption of repetitive language patterns. This experimentation is constrasted with a sense of infinity.

22:00 - 23:00
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Sometimes Time
22:00 - 23:00
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It's time for...

Interactive Installation “It’s Time For ...” explores personalized time perspectives. The installation takes its essence from the real life problems observed related to time experience, which are based on the standardization of time perspective regardless of personal differences, the social pressure as a result of this standardization, and unhappiness and inefficiency caused by the social pressure.

As a reaction to this reality, the installation presents an approach that accepts differences when it comes to time
perspectives. It suggests a game that makes it possible to state your personalized time perspective and moreover share it with other participants actively in two levels: First level is just simply sharing and presenting your perspective, the second level is by encouraging other participants to try another perspective.

The installation relates to a variety of fields. First of all it creates an aesthetic experience thus is an art / design project. Through the installation a variety of data will be created that relates to human behavior, psychology, cultural studies, social sciences, gender studies. It is an experiment that can help us design any product / service ranging from clocks to calendars, school or work systems.

Thus our submission statement is; in order to create a more emphatic society free from social pressure that is based on unrealistic normal allowing self expression and to create happier and efficient individuals, our installation will solve standardization in time experience problem of anyone with a
different feeling from the societies’ norms in regards to time experience by giving them a platform to raise the issue, express, share, and provoke.

22:00 - 23:00
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Time and self-consciousness

The works reflect some aspects of how time impacts our eternal life and self-consciousness. Time is one of the essential elements in our lives, like water and air, it inevitable goes on, give us rhythm and structure, but one can easily lose himself in the flow. People spend much time trying to fight with time and control its limits. But if one doesn’t see his own aims and life perspective the time flow can bring him helplessness and inner chaos. Time limits make us think of what things and occupations are worth doing and which are not. As the time pass everything temporal and aimless for us disappear and only essential and really true stay in our mind. As we go on investigating our subjective way and our part in the global time line the scattered parts of our live experience integrate in a new vision.

22:00 - 23:00
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Our Time, an interactive installation on Time and Space

Using a custom made 'public phone' people can leave a message or hear those leaved by other people, this installation use perceptions to address the acceleration of our modern times, to explore what remains in our memories and how to build a collective consciousness based on space and time.

The aim of "Our Time" is also to reconnect with the earliest works on Time in French social sciences that have influenced the scientists worldwide, particularly Maurice Halbwachs, thinker of the collective memory and the place identity.

22:00 - 23:00
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Initiation: The Danish Tribe

Women from different countries compare their own sartorial customs with Danish women’s fashion style, offering us an insight in their own stereotypes about Danish women and “danishness”. The main issues revolve around shoes and make-up, but also about femininity and equality. The  Danes are depicted as a tribe with special rituals and codes, that newcomers have to learn and follow.

Masks were created by costume designer Lauréline Démonet : reflect each woman’s vision of “danishness”. We often associate the use of masks to exotic foreign tribes, but in this art project the masks are an initiation into the Danish tribe. Each participant was photographed by Anna Sircova:, wearing her own “Danish mask”.

These oversized portraits, accompanied by a narrative, are to be seen on the Metro’s construction’s wall -City Hall Square from the 3rd of  June 2016 until end of December 2016.

Join the Tribe!

22:00 - 23:00
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As Time Goes By

Interactive Installation "As Time Goes By"

"As Time Goes By" is an interactive installation about process, going forward, living, starting from somewhere and ending. It is interested in the experience of that journey. It explores the concept of time; how we perceive time, pass time, waste time, kill time, make use of time, we feel about time, we value time, measure time and more through a two way interaction with the public: both giving and receiving.
The installation consists of 3 units spread to three walls. The main installation, on the larger wall, is a big calendar wall, housing 24 sets of calendars, counting forward to the end of the festival 19th of August. It is inspired by the traditional calendars we have in Turkey called "wisdom calendar (maarif takvimi in Turkish)". Those calendars consist of all the days of the year printed on A6 page each and binded together with glue. On the front of the pages there is the date of the day, while on the back there is some story, food recipe, idioms, jokes, wisdom, riddles etc. Everyday you are supposed to rip the page and be inspired. Just like that on our installation we have the date on the front and on the back we have something about time to make people think about time and experience time from a different perspective. The audience is welcomed to take the pages every day and count forward to the end of the conference. 
On the second smaller wall, we have the visual identity of the festival printed only with outlines. The audience is invited to colour in the visual identity as they wish. This part of the installation is about process. It is a way of counting forward to the conference. 
The third wall functions as an open stage. The audience is invited to reflect on their perception of and experience with time using the note cards provided. During and at the end of the festival these note cards will be collected and archived to be used in future projects. So, while on one hand, the main part of the installation is consumed by the end of the festival as we give away the pages of the calendar to the audience, on the other hand, on the 3rd part of the installation we receive from the audience by collecting their reflections on time. In other words, the installation is a play between creation and consumption, giving and receiving.
Please do interact.

22:00 - 23:00
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