Celebrating Time: 3rd International Conference on Time Perspective

15-19 Aug 2016, København N, Denmark

Bi-annual meeting of the International Time Perspective Network

TP CPH 2016: Celebrating Time

We invite you to a fun, engaging, interactive, cross-disciplinary and frame shifting event. We think that the time has come to reinvent the format of the conferences.

  • dedicated to multifaceted exploration of the concept of time
  • cross-disciplinary, cross-media and frame shifting
  • forum for academia, tech and business people, artists, entrepreneurs, policy makers and general public
  • applies innovative methods of scientific communication
  • networking and partnership opportunities
  • developing ‘hands on’ solutions to present challenges in the areas of innovation, sustainability and well-being

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 Detailed program and activities overview:

Our mission is to find a way of bringing research beyond a peer-reviewed paper, creating something more tangible and shortening distance between theory and practice. This and the following challenges will be addressed during the Conference in a number of workshops: Ecological Transition/Citizen and Political Engagement using Time Perspective research.

The event is an opportunity to interact and make new partners across the world (our Network includes 40+ countries at the moment) within the fields of social sciences and experts on: social processes that evolve in time, sustainability, user experience design, human development and ageing, career planning, future technologies and urban planning, cross-cultural communications, psychological therapy, etc.

That’s what we are up for in Copenhagen and we hope you’ll be brave enough to join this journey! We promise loads of inspiration in return!

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Anna Sircova

Anna Sircova


Co-founder of the International Time Perspective Network, PhD in Psychology, has over 10 years of research experience in exploring the concept of time. Passionate for cross-disciplinary approach, photography and other creative endeavors. In her Creative Time Studio she uses and promotes creativity as a resource. Brings together theories on psychology of time and creativity and develops interventions that fuel the innovative processes and change.

Nicolas Fieulaine

Nicolas Fieulaine


Associate Professor, Director of the Masterprogram in Applied Social Psychology, University of Lyon.His research focuses on psychological time, with two main objectives: 1) exploring how and why Time Perspective contributes in shaping and maintaining social inequalities, how it could be useful to tackle these issues; 2) establishing the impact of social insecurity and socioeconomic precariousness on Time Perspectives, and more widely on our relation to time. More info

Christophe Bureau

Christophe Bureau


Founder & President at Beeyond S.A.S., Doctor of Quantum Physics, founder of Alchimer and AlchiMedics companies. He received the first National Prize of the Contest for Business Initiative from French Ministry of Research in 2001 and the Award for Management of Innovation by the newsmagazine ” L’Expansion ” in 2011.

Sheldon Solomon

Sheldon Solomon


Sheldon Solomon is professor of social psychology at Skidmore College, NY, USA and has co-developed Terror Management Theory, along with Jeff Greenberg and Tom Pyszczynski to explore how the threat of death, conscious and unconscious, motivates human denial and behavior.More info

Philip Zimbardo

Philip Zimbardo


PhD in psychology from Yale, psychology professor from 1959 to 2003, past president of the Western and American Psychological Associations

P.A. (Patrick) van der Duin

P.A. (Patrick) van der Duin


Dr. Patrick van der Duinis assistant professor at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands and associate professor Futures Research & Trendwatching at Fontys Universityof Applied Sciences. He focuses on technology, management of innovation, and futures studies. In particular, he studies how organizations deal with the question about what their activities might be in the future and what kind of methods they apply for developing those. More info.

Martin Ferro-Thomsen avatar

Martin Ferro-Thomsen

Founder & CEO
Missing avatar

Natalie Odisho

Marketing Specialist

ITPN 905

Wessel Beek avatar

Wessel Beek

psychotherapist/director GGZ Veenendaal
Edina Dombi avatar

Edina Dombi

Oksana Senyk avatar

Oksana Senyk

Assistant at Psychology Department
Alan Bec avatar

Alan Bec

Missing avatar

Lisa Murphy

PhD Student

Nicolas Fieulaine

Associate Professor chez Universite Lumiere Lyon 2
Tim Nestik avatar

Tim Nestik

Bassel Hajjo avatar

Bassel Hajjo

Jane Trueman avatar

Jane Trueman


Aura Hernandez

Social Psychologist - Founder and Consultant at PSYKOLAB

Houchao Lv

Associate Prof. at Southwest University, China
Ksenia Chistopolskaya avatar

Ksenia Chistopolskaya

Junior Research Fellow
Zena Mello avatar

Zena Mello

Assistant Professor
Missing avatar

Patrick Dawson

Emeritus Professor at University of Aberdeen and Professorial Fellow at University of Wollongong
Lavoslava Benčić avatar

Lavoslava Benčić

master of media art and practices
Harriet Baird avatar

Harriet Baird

Kinga Tucholska avatar

Kinga Tucholska



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Lynette Shier
· 2 years ago
Hello. I am new here, have no idea what to expect, but curiosity has always been one pf my driving forces. In fact, the most driving force. I believe in the unbelievable, the absurd to most. Time travel, I believe in. I believe not only in time travel as a possibility, should the problems relative to what is already known be solved in the public eye, but I believe that it exists today, has existed for quite some time, and is being used frequently used by an "elite few", and probably a future mass. I belive in a number of other "impossible things", such as the ability to use more of the brain than science tells us, to do things like controlling molecules, levitation, moving objects as small as a grain of sand, to an entire mountain, or communicate without ever saying a word or making a gesture, and so much more. I have done these things in the past, as many of my kin. We are born with abilities, and lose the ability due to the influence of the world saying, "impossible","can't", etc.
Wessel Beek avatar
Wessel Beek
· 3 years ago
Wonderful sessions by a great therapist (Elena Kazakina, not visible here)
Beata Hola avatar
Beata Hola
· 3 years ago
I'm looking forward to running two practical workshop on time perspective training for talented employees and sharing a video documentary about my recent time perspective experiment in vivo.
Felipe Eiraldi avatar
Felipe Eiraldi
· 3 years ago
I'm looking forward to presenting at the event.
ITPN 905
· 3 years ago
we are looking forward to meeting you in Copenhagen!
Missing avatar
ITPN 905
· 4 years ago
How to create time without visible clocks or cyclical events (e.g. sunrise)?

Celebrating Time is a 3rd International Conference on Time Perspective and Festival about Time organized by International Time Perspective Network.

The overall aim of the event is dedicated to multifaceted exploration of the concept of time. We try to visualize it, we try to listen to it, we try to understand it and we try to feel it. Sometimes it runs too fast and some other times it stands still. What does it mean “to have time” and “not to have time”. What constitutes our individual past, present or future? And what about a collective? These questions are not new, they have been around since people started to distinguish between “before” and “after”. We don’t have a dedicated bodily organ that is responsible for perceiving time, and that’s why it is so difficult to capture. Physicists would claim that there is no time. But somehow it keeps on being present in our daily lives.

We dedicate this event to celebration of the concept of time, be it even a persisting illusion. We would like to invite you on this journey  with us – to explore the nature of time, to get inspiration and to inspire in return.

Our exploration will take place in variety of domains:

– how time is present in movies

– what role time plays in a theater play

– how artists conceptualize, visualize or interpret time

– what psychologists have discovered about the subjective time and what physicists have to say about it

– how does time sound in music

– etc.

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